Gold Tree Coffee – Unsurpassed Quality from Farm to Roast to Brew

Gold Tree Coffee, provides only USDA-Certified Organic quality Coffee.

Our coffee mixes consist of unique highly grown Arabica beans coffee. All of our coffee products are naturally shade-grown, at high altitudes in Mexico, above 4000 feet.

We only work with Arabica beans coffee type products of specialty quality with SCAA rating above 84.90%. These specialty beans are, the Arabica Bourbon, Arabica Caturra, Arabica Catuai, and most notably the Arabica Maragogype, which is an extra-large Arabica bean of supreme quality, considered as one of the best beans in the World.

The Maragogype coffee bean, is, blended with the various mixes that we offer, in order to improve aroma, body and control the level of acidity.

Organic, by definition, means grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. But, organic coffee is much more. Part of our sourcing protocol is confirming our coffees are truly organic before selection and approval.

Only when we are satisfied it meets our high quality standards will we release it to our customers.